About Carmelle Moore (B.App. Sc. SP, MSPA, C.P.S.P)


I am passionate about supporting the full expression of the true nature of every individual. 

I work with any-body wanting more flexibility, authenticity, freedom or power with their voice.

My approach is holistic, creative and sensitively tailored individually to you.  


I am committed to assisting your alignment with your natural state of well-being, so that your voice reflects the 'real you'.  Your voice then resonates in a way that allows you and others to experience your fullest presence.


I consider myself very fortunate to have been living and teaching in the Byron Bay area for the past 14 years.




carmelle moore For the past 18 years I have specialised in the treatment and enhancement of voice production.  I am a committed member of the Australian Voice Association.


I am constantly stimulated and creatively inspired by working with the voice.   I enjoy the alchemy of art, science and interpersonal therapy that voice-work encompasses.  I find that voice-work opens so many windows in peoples lives. 

I consider myself fortunate to have attended and presented at Australian Voice Symposiums at a marvellous time of history for communication and cross fertilisation between voice professional scientists and artists: Speech Pathologists, Ear Nose & Throat Specialists, Singers, Teachers of Singing, Actors, Theatre Voice Teachers and Vocal Coaches.

A foundational inspiration for my work was an intensive "VoiceCraft" workshop in 1996 with Dr. Alison Bagnall who incorporated Jo Estills' work, Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement, and Speech Pathology pedagogical approaches. I have also trained further in Jo Estills' work and the accent method which I use extensively in my voice-work.


I am grateful for the guidance and expertise of Dr. Pamela Davis and Prof. Dianna Kenny whilst undertaking my postgraduate research on yoga and the voice at the Australian Centre for Applied Research in Music Performance (formerly the National Voice Centre, Sydney University).  This period provided many opportunities for extensive exposure to a wide range of approaches to understanding and working with the voice (for speaking and singing).  I was privileged to attend lectures, workshops and conferences with Kristin Linklater, Cicely Berry, Frankie Armstrong, William Weiss, Prof. Johan Sundberg and many other leaders in the field of voice.  I enjoyed collegiate discussions and support whilst presenting my work at conferences alongside somatic based voice professionals including Catherine Fitzmaurice and Joan Melton.  I am delighted to have had the opportunity to share my reflections on my clinical practice applying yoga in voice therapy at the Pan European Voice Conference in Marseille in September 2011 and to publish in the Logopedics, Phoniatrics, Vocolology Journal in 2012. The reference is Logoped Phoniatr Vocol. 2012 Dec;37(4):144-50. doi:10.3109/14015439.2012.731080. Reflections on clinical applications of yoga in voice therapy with MTD. Moore C. 


Yoga training and experience


The essential yoga of effortless alignment to our natural state of well-being, has been key in my yoga training and has been much influenced by the spiritual tradition of Advaita Vedanta, for example; Ramana Maharshi, Gangagi, Mooji. I have also undertaken extensive training in both hatha style and meridian based yoga.  In 2000, I gained my Diploma in teaching Ki Yoga (Japanese style meridian based yoga) and have been teaching yoga since.  In 1999 I attended the International Conference on Yoga Therapy Research at VK YOGAS, Bangalore and  studied “Voice Culture” yoga therapy in India.  I am very appreciative of the principles of precision, effectiveness and safety of teaching developed whilst studying Anatomy & Physiology and practising with expert yogi and physiotherapist, Simon Borg - Olivier at Yoga Synergy, Sydney.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had Simon as one of my first hatha yoga teachers and an ongoing mentor.  In Byron Bay I have studied with more wonderful teachers, particularly Jennifer Norman, Louise Solomon (Yogalates) and Rachel Zinman-Jones.  Further teacher training with Rachel - Zinman Jones in the Ishta system allowed me to bring together many threads of hatha yoga, tantra and ayurveda.   I have also been influenced by many workshops and intensives completed with a range of wonderful teachers.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Mark Whitwell whose faithful teaching of the core hatha yoga breathing process originally taught by Krishnamacharya, is often a key to achieving optimal voice.

I am currently in the process of completing the Advanced Certificate Program in 'Movement Intelligence' a development of the work of Moshe Feldenkrais by the inspiring 86 year old Ruthy Alon, one of his original students.  The use of rhythm to by-pass resistance, sound vibration, neurological diplomacy and whole body re-patterning provide a beautiful, effective and easily accessible means of organically aligning the body to allow support and freedom for voice production.


Research into the effects of yoga on voice production

carmelle moore

In 2000 I undertook postgraduate studies at Sydney University National Voice Centre exploring the use of yoga to enhance voice production. Reflecting on this research and my extensive clinical practice with individuals and groups, I have presented in speech pathology and yoga forums throughout Australia and internationally. I consequently developed a range of workshops to make this information accessible for all bodies and voice. I have conducted workshops and retreats throughout Australia and in Bali, France and Hawaii.


Teaching voice production


I regularly teach effective vocal technique and projection to corporate professionals, presenters, school teachers and yoga teachers throughout the Byron Bay Shire and in Sydney. Through skype sessions I now work with people in any location.  I have particularly enjoyed teaching voice production for the international advanced yoga teachers training with Inspya Yoga (Lance Schuller), Intouch yoga (Flo Fenton), Solomon Yogalates, and Ishta Yoga System.  I also enjoy the environment and transformation opportunities of the retreat situation, and offered sessions: at Gaia Retreat and Spa, Sparkle Wellness Retreat, Byron Detox Retreats and on Radiance Retreats with yoga author and teacher Jessie Chapman. The recent opening of my own studio and expansion of adjacent facilities have allowed for more personalised retreats, which I find highly rewarding and effective.


Voice Dialogue

The facilitation skills gained through more than 300 hours of Voice Dialogue training with senior teacher Ana Barner are now integral to most aspects of my work. I have found voice dialogue to be a very efficient and effective adjunct to voice therapy. The work with awareness of different parts of ourselves (such as the critic) provides breakthroughs in the voice therapy process and is often essential in maintaining and integrating new vocal patterns. It has also been invaluable in contextualising the healing modalities i use.  'Body dialogue' is often incorporated into Harmonic Craniosacral treatments.


My healing practice

I have been studying and practising a wide range of healing modalities for more than 28 years.  I find that the subtle practices of healing modalities I have studied including; Craniosacral Balancing, Magnified Healing,Therapeutic Touch and Orion Theta Healing, complement the somatic and subtle yoga practices which I employ in some of my voice-work. 

My healing work has also been deeply enriched by hosting and participating in workshops with the founder of Integrated Awareness, Lansing Barret Gresham.

I began my journey as a shamanic sound healer more that 25 years ago.  I completed Level 3 Craniosacral Balancing training with Craniosacral Australia in 2006, and now have the privilege of assisting on trainings. I have recently completed level 4 training. I have found this work to be extremely effective in unwinding tension patterns that restrict both the voice, and the experience of relaxation and natural enjoyment of be-ing.  I consequently developed Harmonic Craniosacral, a unique healing modality incorporating the beautiful sounds of crystal and Tibetan bowls, crystal pyramids, harmonic healing chimes and my own voice together with Craniosacral balancing.


The gift of InterPlay

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been part of the inaugural InterPlay group in Australia in 1994 with the inspirational Trish Watts and Rod Pattendon, whose ongoing support and creative collaboration I deeply appreciate.  My individual and group work has been strongly influenced by InterPlay practices and philosophy (Incremental and community building Improvisational Voice, Movement & Story).  The values of  playfulness, affirmation, incrementality, the physicality of grace and honouring the wisdom of the body allow holistic integration of transformation whatever the modality I am working with.  I completed my training as a facilitator of “InterPlay” in 2002 and have had the privilege of teaching many classes and workshops since.


I constantly draw on the practice of InterPlay to ground my work with joy, delight and ease.