Harmonic Craniosacral

  • Nurturing touch
  • Gentle alignment
  • Nourishing sounds


What is Harmonic Craniosacral?

“Harmonic Craniosacral” is a unique blend of gentle yet powerful Craniosacral Balancing with the use of sound in the shamanic tradition. Nourishing touch & deep listening to the core of your being through the Craniosacral system, grounds, and creates space for the body-mind to relax deeply & integrate the realignment that occurs. Accompanying sounds may include the celestial sounds of Harmonic Healing Chimes, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan bowls, Crystal Pyramids and Carmelle’s voice. This multidimensional treatment is experienced as deeply restorative and allows your whole being to align to its natural deep relaxation.

The addition of Voice Dialogue - Body Dialogue may be added to provide awareness of the various patterns that have created 'disharmony' and foster the development of a compassionate awareness for these patterns. This provides the platform for enduring change and stronger connection to your innate harmonised, peaceful state of being.


What happens in a session?

Craniosacral session

  • Following assessment at various levels, specific techniques are chosen and combined.
  • Highly resonant crystal bowls and pyramids, and specially created Harmonic Healing chimes are played, enabling you to more easily achieve hemispheric synchronisation of theta/delta brain waves. This brain wave state corresponds to the deepest place of meditation and healing where profound realisations and insights may occur.
  • Craniosacral Balancing techniques, Orion Theta Healing, Magnified Healing and Therapeutic Touch assist release of old tensions, memories, patterns & programs, and facilitate realignment to your fullest potential.
  • Body dialogue may be included to develop insight into the patterns expressing themselves in your 'body-mind'.
  • Insights and techniques that may assist the remembrance of the deeply relaxed state of being may be provided at the completion of the session.


What are the benefits?

water lillies

A deeply refreshing and efficient way to rejuvenate.

  • Craniosacral Balancing leads your body and nervous system to a very deep place of meditation and relaxation.
  • Balancing the Craniosacral system creates space for your body to release old tensions with ease.
  • The body is supported so that it can organically “unwind” in its most efficient and natural way. A memory of the original emotion or situation in which the tension was created may be experienced as it releases from the body.
  • New awareness and insights are commonly experienced, and deep levels of healing can occur on physical, emotional, and spiritual planes.
  • Outdated limiting memories and patterns stored deep in the body tissue can be released and replaced, enabling you to move forward and live with more joy.
  • The treatment is particularly effective for back, neck, shoulder and jaw tension.
  • Working with the cranial bones can give relief from sinus, headaches, “fuzzy thinking” and provide clarity of awareness.
  • The resonance of the voice is usually increased significantly by releasing tension throughout the body and particularly the jaw, face, neck and throat.  Work with the hyoid bone, and if indicated work inside the mouth, can reorganise the 'supraglottic resonating system' for the vocal tract, with profound effects on the voice.
  • Awareness of the 'selves' or 'parts' that create patterns of tension in the body-mind and may keep us in chronic states of tension or dis-ease, facilitates recognition and choice that mean these 'selves' don't have to run our lives unconsciously. They may include the 'judge', 'inner critic', and 'pusher/driver' that doesn't let us rest. As we become aware of these energies and experience some separation from them, our life choices expand.


Carmelles' training

Carmelle Moore

  • Craniosacral Balancing Techniques: Carmelle has trained extensively with Craniosacral Australia completing all levels of trainging. She is an advanced practitioner, practising since completing Level 3 in 2006, and assists on trainings in Byron Bay. She regularly undertakes advanced trainings
  • Integrated Awareness: Carmelle's healing work has been highly influenced by attending workshops and hands on training days with master teacher Lansing Barrett Gresham.
  • Voice Dialogue: Carmelle has completed 300 hours of training with senior teacher Ana Barner in facilitation of this powerful process of becoming compassionately aware of the various 'selves' that unconsciously run our lives.  When indicated she uses 'Body Dialogue' as part of the Harmonic Craniosacral process.
  • Shamanic Healing: Carmelle began using her voice in the shamanic tradition in the mid 1990’s.  She is a member of the Sound Healers Association and has trained in Magnified Healing and the Ama Deus Shamanic Healing system.
  • Harmonic Healing: As a musician and sound healer Carmelle was delighted to discover Elfin Energy Harmonic Healing Chimes. She is trained in the use of both the 13 Tone Harmonic Healing chimes and the chakra chimes.
  • Orion Theta DNA Healing: Carmelle has been practicing this modality since completing Level 2 in 2001.
  • Therapeutic Touch: Carmelle has been practicing this extensively well researched and effective technique since 1998.