Welcome to Voicemoves

Voicemoves encompasses a unique combination of personal transformation and alignment modalities, vocal techniques, awareness & yoga practises that develop the voice, and connect us to our natural state of harmony and well-being. In addition to creating a more resonant voice, these modalities shift and bring awareness to what restricts our experience and appreciation of our natural state of peace, joy and clarity.  We move the body, mind and spirit to new places of relaxation, awareness, freedom and expression.




Voicemoves evolved through Carmelles journey and expertise offering speech therapy and yoga, facilitaing InterPlay and Voice Dialogue and using the modalities of Craniosacral Balancing, 'Bones for Life' and shamanic sound.

What is Voicemoves?

Voicemoves employs a rich array of processes which access and develop awareness of our natural state of well-being and empower authentic self expression. Clarity, empowerment and a sense of spaciousness, joy or peace result. Processes include: 'self - enquiry', voice dialogue, body-mind relaxation, speech pathology and emodied voice techniques, healing and creating with the voice, voice and personal integration, body alignment, gentle supportive touch and presence, sound meditation, ritual, group vocal & body compositions. The aim is exploration and release of habitual patterns of tensions, and access to new or forgotten resources. Each process is chosen for and tailored to your individual needs. Voicemoves develops freedom in the experience and expression of your Authentic Self.

What are the benefits?carmelle moore

    * A more resonant, powerful, flexible  'authentic' voice

    * A richer pallette of creative expression

    * Learning how to align voice and 'soul'

    * Potential transformation at all levels of your being


Who is it for?

Carmelle works with singers, actors, yoga teachers, teachers, presenters and any 'body' wanting to express with more ease, power and freedom through their voice.

Voicemoves offers a range of sessions, classes, workshops and retreats for individuals, couples, groups and organizations. 

Sessions can be organised in clinic, retreat, and workplace/corporate settings, face-to-face and via Skype.





Voicemoves Yoga is a yoga and awareness based exploration of voice and self, for vocal and personal development.


Voicemoves Therapy incorporates vocal technique and personal insight to develop vocal power, flexibity, resonance & range.


InterPlay expands creative expression using playful forms of voice, movement and story telling.


Ki Yoga Therapy is a meridian based system that enhances energetic, physical, emotional and vocal health.


Harmonic Craniosacral unwinds chronic tension and realigns the whole being through nurturing touch and sound.


Voicessence Meditation is a powerful way to relax and connect with the deep, natural harmony of your being.