• Playfully develops self expression and frees your Body - Spirit
  • Celebrates the wisdom of the body and connects you with self and others in fun and lightness
  • Expands your repertoire of creative and life choices


What is InterPlay?

InterPlay can be likened to community body and vocal artistic composition. We are playfully and gently led through a series of voice, movement, storytelling and theatrical forms. We explore forms of connecting with self and others, co-playing and co-creating in solos, pairs, small or larger groups.

The playful explorations are held within parameters, which allow the magic of spontaneous and unexpected creation of living art forms. Dance and stillness, story and sounding, singing and shaping are the palette within which the group canvas develops. A magic synchronicity occurs where healing, moving moments, poignant witnessing and intentional transformation are discovered with delightful 





The InterPlay Vision

The vision of InterPlay is to explore and celebrate the wisdom and creativity of the body, so that individuals, groups and communities might find a more expressive sense of wholeness and joy.


InterPlay philosophy and practices were lovingly created by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter over thirty years and have been developed and refined in communities throughout the world.


To view videos of InterPlay go to Interplayaus



InterPlay practices include the values of :



  • honoring the wisdom of the body,
  • simple “noticing” without judgment or analysis,
  • affirmation (looking for the good) and expressing it,
  • choosing what feels good and doing more of it,
  • embracing incrementality (taking small steps),
  • learning to navigate the dance of the full self.



We play with one other and in groups with the opportunity to reflect on how we “dance” this in our lives with self, relationships, family, and society (groups we work and play in).


What are the benefits of InterPlay?


Through InterPlay we receive the valuable experience of easefully and joyfully going past limitations, and an expanded sense of our creative and expressive selves. For people who experience interpersonal shyness, those with performance anxiety, for those who get 'stuck in their heads', for those who become self conscious or over-think in the company of others, or when called upon to speak in a group; InterPlay provides an incredibly supportive, easeful and delightful way to overcome self-imposed limitations.



For those already involved in group work as therapists, dance/drama/music teachers, community workers, or for team building/corporate groups, InterPlay offers an incredible array of skill development and group processes that hold the space where people can safely go beyond limitations without inducing stress. This process is non-interpretative, non-therapeutic and maintains respect for the integrity of the individual to participate at their comfort level, incorporating body wisdom, voice, and stillness through individual, partner and group exercises. InterPlay will strengthen your inner knowing and allow you to practice how to express yourself in fullness with appreciative listeners.


InterPlay allows each person to safely and incrementally explore adult creative expression through voice and movement, connecting with others, story telling and group artistic co-creation.