Ki Yoga Therapy

  • Incorporates: person-centred yoga postures, meditation initiation, training & supervision, ‘food as medicine’ education, and specialized breath and voice work.
  • Balances the flow of ki (energy) in the meridian channels to optimise: vitality, strength, flexibility, focus, centredness and calm.


What is Ki Yoga?

Ki Yoga is a meridian based yoga designed to balance the flow of energy through the meridians (channels which run through the fascia or connective tissue).

Ki yoga incorporates partner yoga and massage as well as 'do-in' self massage stimulating acupressure points and meridian flows.


Exercises are carried out with focus and lightness at varying tempos depending on the time of the day and the outcomes desired. There is then a time of faciitated attention to and integration of and the effects of the exercises. The majority of students report that they can notice the 'energetic shifts',  sometimes as sensation of a flow in an energy line, sometimes as a shift in thinking or feeling). Ki yoga emphasizes optimizing this shift and Carmelle finds that this compliments the process of “Vibrational  up-shifting” which she has learnt through the work of Ester and Jerry Hicks.


Ki Yoga was derived from the teachings of the Master Masahiro Oki, who combined the Indian Hatha Yoga system with the Meridian based medicines of China and Japan. A remedial system of stretches and energy focusing strengthening exercises were developed and Oki do Yoga was born. Jack Marshall then developed Ki Yoga from Oki –do and Ryoho Yoga yoga with a strong focus on the potential of yoga for psychological change and healing.



Individualized Ki Yoga Therapy Sessions

Ki Yoga Therapy sessions are individualized to balance your unique meridian flow patterns.

Specific series of Ki Yoga exercises are designed to stimulate or harmonise the energy flow through the meridian channels.

For example:

  • If you need more vitality or more power in your voice we may activate the lung energy
  • If you need more motivation we may rejuvenate the kidney energy
  • If you want to feel more grounded, centred and satisfied we nourish the spleen pancreas energy 




Psychological well-being

Psychological / emotional balance is supported with Ki Yoga Therapy. The increased balance of both mind and emotions is a well known benefit of certain yogic practices.  Ki yoga therapy can be targeted to address: repeated fruitless or distressing patterns of thought, unconscious patterns of behaviour,  physical symptoms of discomfort,  mild repeated illnesses, a tendency to anxiety or depression.


Imbalanced patterns of meridian flows have psychological correlates and some of these are ‘inherited ‘ or family based patterns.  Additional cognitive counseling sessions may  be indicated, to allow development of a strong framework to assist with shifting negative patterns of mood or behaviour or a deepened insight into family based patterns to assist with relational issues. As the family systems patterns are identified and healed the constitutional patterning can also shift and vice versa. Working as a team, psychologist Kieran Riordan and Ki Yoga Therapist Carmelle Moore find increased efficiency and ease in changing negative patterns and expanding awareness based thinking.  This supports gaining mastery in life by both deeper acceptance of what is and a greater capacity to tap into ones unlimited creative potential.





Ki Yoga for all seasons

Diet advice, yoga, voice & meditation practices are provided to optimize your energetic flow specifically for any season of the year.

According to  T.C.M. (Traditional Chinese Medicine) different meridians (energy channels used in acupuncture) benefit from activation and balancing in the various seasons.

Each season corresponds to an element which generally has associated two meridians (yin & yang - sister & brother)

  • In Autumn the focus is on the lung meridian, (inspiration and releasing grief), and large intestine meridian (exhalation and letting go what is no longer required).
  • In Winter the body and nervous system needs stillness, rejuvenation and inner time (bladder and kidney meridians).
  • In Spring we develop flexibility and release frustration and anger (liver and gall bladder meridians).
  • In Summer, a time of great activity, the yoga is stronger and we support the heart and small intestine meridians to quieten the mind and activate our creativity.
  • Late Summer and between seasons we focus on nourishment and digestion, reducing worry and helping us appreciate & absorb the good things in our lives.




Ki Yoga for the Voice

There are particular energy patterns that can be supported via Ki Yoga. Carmelle does not claim to be a TCM practitioner and recommends complete diagnosis via pulses with an acupuncturist or via Hara diagnosis with a shiatsu practitioner. However, her clinical experience, Ki yoga training and intuitive healing capacity form a basis to allow prescription of therapeutic yoga exercises.

She has a particular expertise built through 17 years specializing in the treatment of voice in advising which yoga exercises will be helpful in supporting / redressing the balance of Ki to support the voice or develop access to the voice.

Singers and performers find it particularly useful to learn their particular tendencies and what exercises to use when traveling, keeping irregular hours, feeling depleted or experiencing certain vocal symptoms.


Seasonal Voicessence Ki  Yoga

Every season has a mood, a flow and energetic characteristic. As with the overall body, the voice can benefit form alignment with the qualities of each season.

Individual sessions,classes, workshops & retreats:

  • Summer, fire element: Heart Voice Play. A joyful exploration of voice and creativity with heart connection.
  • Late summer / Between seasons, earth element: Nurture and Harmonise. Opening the Throat, Connecting with your centre.
  • Autumn, metal element: Breathing In & Out with the Voice. Focusing on enlivening our “inspiration”, freeing expression and using the voice to deepen the out breath and “Let Go!”
  • Winter, water element: Sounding into Stillness. Deeply massaging and consolidating the Inner Being.
  • Spring, wood element: Voicing your Vision. Finding lightness and freedom through the voice.


Carmelles' adaptations of Ki Yoga

Carmelle graduated from the Zen Renaissance College & Healing Centre with a Diploma in Ki Yoga Instruction in 2000. Carmelle has extended her Ki Yoga to include voice work (including the Taoist elemental healing sounds), and also uses Ki Yoga to support the voice. She has continued the focus on “hara-buiding”, incorporating safe and incremental core strengthening exercises further informed by Yogalates and 'Bones for Life'.  Actors and singers have found these sessions to be powerful warm-ups not just for their voice but for their whole body/mind/psyche as a performer (somewhat like having acupuncture).

Expert acupuncturists are known for their ability to diagnose meridian flow / imbalance from the sound of the voice.  This is analogous to a musician tuning in to the sounds of instruments, or the sense of the vibrational quality of the various energy flows through the “map” of human energy flow understood in terms of the “element of metal, water, wood, fire and earth.