Testimonials for Voicemoves Yoga

“The students found the workshop incredibly helpful in learning how to warm up, project and maintain vocal clarity while teaching. We had a great deal of fun and continued our vocal warm ups as a playful joke during asana classes for the rest of our training. On a personal note, Carmelle's workshop supported me in improving my own singing while we completed our devotional chant and song album "Sita Ram".”

Rachel Zinman. Ishta System Yoga teacher & winner best female vocals Dolphin Music Awards 2006.


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I've gained so much from the workshop last weekend, on a practical, spiritual and emotional level. Thanks to your nurturing and engaging teaching style, I managed to retain much of the precious information you shared with us, and am now passing that on to my friends with much gusto!! The aspects I particularly enjoyed were the physical tools to open up the voice, working with mudras was fascinating, the oki doh (spelling?) the ki yoga technique, especially for waking up the lung meridian, and the interplay sent many of my boundaries shattering to the floor. Being able to project my full voice in front of others was a first, and now I trust definitely not my last!! Thank you so much for creating such a safe and supportive space for us to engage and express all our levels of being, you are an absolute gem.

Tjoni. Fire Performer & teacher


"The workshop sessions were a wonderful combination of Yoga, voice awareness and creative play.  I was particularly touched by personal discoveries made by those doing a voice workshop for the first time. It reaffirmed my long held belief in voice as a powerful self awareness study.
The discoveries I made over the weekend were through a deeper connection to the specific sounds of the Chakras , their emotional qualities and corresponding tones .  I’ve come away with more to play with and explore in my enjoyment of vocal expression and sound therapy. "

Anna. Singer & Yoga teacher.


"I like the way my voice feels - there is more presence. I feel energy in new places as I use my voice.

Jessie Chapman. Author & Yoga teacher


"The work takes me on a journey that affects both my inner and outer self. It joins the dots for me and leaves me with a sense of wholeness and an shakeable groundedness".  Miss Renee Simone. Professional singer.







Testimonials for Harmonic Craniosacral:

My harmonic cranioscacral session with Carmelle enabled me to reach a state of relaxation that I forgot existed after dealing with chronic pain for years. The experience was aurally and physically unique to such an extent that I'm struggling to find the english to describe it.

Gentle knowing touch and a beautiful calming voice coupled with the use of a singing bowl and chimes took me to a safe comforting place where I found a part of me I didn't realise I'd lost.

I left Carmelle's with a weight off my shoulders and a smile on my face.

 Dave Appleton (musician, photographer)


"The first session had such a profound effect that work colleagues commented on how different I was. Bright, awake, vital! My tailbone injury that had caused me to endure chronic pain for years, had subsided, and I maintained the energy levels.
Subsequent sessions have been ever more profound, each more subtle yet so powerful!
The release and healing that the work on my jaw catalysed, was amazing... like shedding a skin, that left me feeling crystal clear, lighter and more joyful.
With each session I feel more integrated, much more attuned with my Self.
After seeking help for my sacral injury, unsuccessfully, from a range of therapists, I feel blessed and privileged to have met Carmelle and have such a gifted healer in my life."

Justine Reilly. Mother & Graphic Designer.


"The moment Carmelle puts her hands on my feet my whole body lights up and my system relaxes into the knowing of being taken care of with incredible sensitivity. Her voice and the use of the crystal bowl open up those parts in me that have become hardened by doing without having enough space to feel and just be.  Today after her treatment yesterday my energy is flowing again and I have much more energy available!  Thank you!"

Claudune. Zen Shiatsu Practitioner and Yoga Teacher .


"Harmonic Craniosacral with Carmelle is a really profound, nurturing and healing experience. She has a depth of presence, intuitive ability and sensitivity to energy that is rare. All of this creates an extremely safe place to let go and allow deep and life changing healing to take place. I always leave feeling amazingly transformed, unburdened and with a wonderful sense of peace.”

Peter Morgan. Personal & Executive Coach/Management Consultant


“When you touched me my body completely surrendered!tulips
I felt like I was completely held in warm healing energy. I felt so comforted! Your energy is so potent yet soft like warm honey. It was a total healing, encompassing every level of my being.”

Freya Lindbloom. Singer, Anthropologist & Music Therapist


I really enjoyed the session, it was very loving and conscious.
I really appreciated the attention to detail and sense of spaciousness.”

David. Chiropracter & Craniosacral practitioner.



A big thank you for your angelic work. It was a powerful, gentle, compassionate, loving healing & is already having a positive effect on my life.

Alfredo Lopes. Musician & Music Teacher.