Voicemoves Therapy

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What is Voicemoves Therapy?

Voicemoves Therapy is a unique voice empowerment approach developed by Carmelle Moore. Twenty five years practice as a Speech Pathologist,  ten years teaching yoga, extensive training in Voice Dialogue and a range of somatic disciplines inform the work.

Traditional voice therapy techniques are interwoven with voice dialogue and embodied practices to achieve and maintain enhanced vocal resonance, flexibility, endurance, projection, warmth and presence. 

Carmelle combines warmth, enthusiasm, sensitivity and a creative intuitive approach along with her professional skills to help you find your most 'true', resonant & powerful voice, whatever your vocal needs (singing, speaking, presenting).

Voicemoves voice therapy is suitable for a wide spectrum of vocal needs, from addressing vocal issues that are causing difficulties (such as vocal nodules),  to refining voice production for the professional voice user.



This vocal transformation process can assist you to express more of your self, expand your vocal repertoire and facilitate clearer communication.


What happens in a session?

We thoroughly assess and develop an understanding of the limitations in your vocal expression.  We explore your story and experience of your voice.  We unravel old, and develop new, patterns of use of body, thought, breath and voice.   Awareness of how the new patterns feel, what they represent and what may assist them to become anchored in your experience and life, are integral to the process.  Simple yoga and other body-mind processes are often employed to enhance learning of the more subtle aspects of 

voice production.


You receive a personally tailored program of vocal exercises to continue the development your voice towards its fullest potential. 


Vocal Development Specifics

vocal specifics


We address vocal development through:


  • Accessing optimal breath support.
  • Creating structural and inner space and freedom.
  • Amplifying resonance for projection and brightness.
  • Finding a balance of relaxation and muscular engagement to empower and clarify tone.
  • Expressing energy and intention from various 'energetic centres'.
  • Using the voice as a vehicle to connect with and express your core essence.
  • Addressing personal and psychological issues concerning voice


 It is the aim of Voicemoves Therapy to free the voice from personal limitations, hidden barriers and under-developed aspects.

Through a systematic application of vocal technique, body & energy alignment,  psychological & bio-energetic exploration, we refine and expand your vocal repertoire.  

This allows the voice to become a resonating vehicle for your unique expression and expanded awareness. 


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