Voicemoves Yoga


  • Reharmonises your 'be-ing' through yoga and voice
  • Develops your most resonant voice with ease
  • Attunes vocal and soul expression


What is Voicemoves Yoga?

With the understanding that Yoga is essentially effortless alignment with the source of who we truly are, Voicemoves Yoga is a yoga and awareness based exploration of voice and self.  Voicemoves Yoga utilizes both the powerful effects of yoga practices on the voice, and the transformative potential of vocal techniques.  As we explore new ways of using our musculature to produce voice, we chart new territories or create new pathways that in a yoga exploration may be experienced as 'energy' moving differently.  Yoga practices can assist us to access the vocal settings that can only be achieved 'from the inside out'.  The awareness of how we created these shifts and the accompanying, body, mind and emotional patterns provide a rich resource and that can be integrated to lead to not only into a more blissful momentary experience but lasting change.  Voicemoves yoga provides tools to identify when we are contracted in particular ways that limit our expanded awareness and experience of resting in our true radiant nature.

Voicemoves Yoga incorporates chanting, 'toning’, breathing and visualisation along with yoga postures and play to both free the voice and create a sense of deep harmony.

Voicemoves Yoga was developed by voice specialist and yoga teacher Carmelle Moore and continues to grow and evolve.

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Voicemoves Yoga has two essential aims:

Firstly, to free, develop and empower the voice.


Secondly, to teach an array of yoga postures, vocal exercises and subtle yoga practices that can transform and balance individuals’ habitual patterns of energetic and emotional contraction.


What happens in Voicemoves Yoga sessions?

Drawing on several established traditions of self-expression and source alignment, each session weaves a rich tapestry of shared creative experience to deepen our natural ongoing alignment with the essence of our being. 

Voicemoves yoga sessions have several focal points depending on those present and what they wish to explore:

  • Exploring the inter-relationship between physical posture, feeling or 'vibratory' states and voice.
  • Exploring the effects of releasing tension from the jaw, tongue, face and throat on our voice and our awareness states.
  • Extending and challenging the body and our awareness, to free-up the breath and the voice
  • Energising the body to support and strengthen the embodiment of the voice.
  • Learning to use vocal techniques to monitor the spaciousness of our established yoga practise.
  • Learning to re-posture the 'vocal tract' and discover the power of specific vocal techniques to bring more resonance and clarity, beginning with the voice and extending to the whole being.
  • Using chanting and internal mantra to effect both our well being and our voice production.
  • Developing tools to create balance in various energy lines and centres, and support the 'soul-connected' voice.
  • Accessing harmonisation and awareness expansion with a range of tools including chakra based (hatha) and meridian based (ki-yoga) perspectives.
  • Learning partner yoga and massage and self-massage techniques, providing a deep sense of compassion and ease through the process.
  • Understanding what influences the health, strength and quality of the vocal instrument.
  • Delving deeply into the exploration of particular mantras. We use these powerful sounds to deepen our yoga practice, focus energy, release resistance and empower intent.
  • Deepening awareness of how shifts in the body/mind effect the body/voice instrument
  • Exploring the 'voices ' of habitual identification within us, for example: the inner critic, the internalised worrying mother, the magical child  (that believes anything is possible) and how these affect both our experience and our voice.

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Metaphysics and the voice


In Voicemoves Yoga we explore how the qualities of our voice reflect not just our physical posture and vocal technique, but the clarity of our connection to our natural state of harmony. Voicemoves yoga provides a range of tools and skills to give you the capacity to recognise nonalignment, and multiple pathways of awareness to restore the vibratory harmony of simply 'be-ing'.


Essential to Voicemoves Yoga is explorations of voice that help us realise and release our habits of 'non alignment' and find our natural state of peace, optimising the vibrational health of the body/mind. Throughout the explorations we open to the spaciousness that is our true nature and practise residing in this. The outcome is shifting to a more easeful and joyous way of being.


Voicemoves Yoga incorporates metaphysical awareness training, exploring: vibration, energy flows and feeling states. Voicemoves Yoga assists us to navigate the subtle territories that compose our multidimensional form. We learn to pay attention to the various levels within our being. In all the sessions and classes, we realise and exercise our choices and notice how our vibration shifts.


We investigate yoga postures in depth, with time to stop and notice the effects of movement on our inner being and our sense of energy flow. The emphasis is on finding the ease, naturalness and enjoyment in poses, sounds, feelings and thoughts.


Playing with our voices we 'free-up' or loosen our identification with our 'body-mind' . We open our imagination to access different images and states expanding our awareness of the choices we have and the pathways to 'stuckness' or freedom.