Voicessence Meditation

  • Uses instruments and voice to faciliate deep relaxation and awareness.
  • Teaches you how to bathe yourself and others in healing sounds, inspired by your ‘Source’ energy or 'essence'.
  • Explores Sacred sounds from a wealth of traditions, developing a personal understanding of their energetic blueprints.


voice essence meditation


What is Voicessence Meditation?

Voicessence meditation uses various ”portals of sound” to align, attune, nourish and uplift the being.

The focus is not simply the development of the voice, although vocal resonance often develops as we align with our 'essence' or 'radiance'.

Voicessence meditation incorporates chanting, toning, mantras, sacred sound, breath, visualisation, subtle yoga practices and 'vibrational upshifting'.



What are the benefits of Voicessence Meditation?

Chanting and toning open us to loves presence, taking us to a deeper place of openness and relaxation than we ordinarily feel. Our energy and emotions become balanced bringing us into resonance with our natural state of radiance.

The body relaxes, the mind becomes still, resistance is released and consciousness expands. A more powerful presence our true nature or 'essence' is discovered, bringing greater freedom and depth of 'be-ing'.

Who is it for?

People who want an effective path to a meditative state and freedom from the constraints of a busy or distracted mind.  Anybody who wants to experience what singer Kavisha Mazzella calls the 'invisible, indivisible, unspeakable radiance we hold'.


How does Voicessence Meditation work?

  • We loosen identification with the conditioning that separates us from experiencing our essential 'source- aligned' nature.  We achieve expanded awareness, where there is a sense of deep peace and oneness with all.  
  • Yoga considers layers or sheaths of our being being effected deeply by the sounds so that they are harmonised as follows:
  • The physical body relaxes very quickly and deeply, with the vibration of the sound acting as an internal massage.
  • The mental sheath or 'body' is harmonised as the distracting or even negative mind chatter stops, and is replaced by a steady and positive focus.
  • The 'psychic body' where in yogic understanding our karmic patterns are stored, is acted upon by the internal focusing on sound which is said to be a thousand times more powerful than simply chanting out loud.
  • The final layer of our being, 'the bliss body', is accessed with the harmonising of all these layers of our being, and deep stillness, peace or joy is experienced