Voicemoves Yoga sessions: Classes or workshops


1.   Presence: Voicemoves yoga for self-connection

Using the voice is a natural way to experience ones own presence. The sensing of vibration and the directing of attention to various parts of the body and energy field, naturally absorb & still the mind. When the parts of our anatomy responsible for communicating our stories and dramas are relaxed, a freedom from these often occurs.  We easily come to be aware of our natural state of harmony that is always present as it was at our birth before our conditioning.


2.   Grounding & Centering: Earth element Ki yoga. 

This session focuses on balancing the earth element meridians (spleen/pancreas and stomach) & supporting the natural fullness and groundedness of the voice. This is especially great for women, and for creating a sense of being nurtured. We explore tools for self-nourishment and centeredness. This session assists in developing a naturally strong foundation for standing poses and a centred calm sense of being.



3.   Aligning from the inside out: Balancing the chakras in standing poses.

This class focuses on the use of specific sounds (mantras) to tune up the energy centres known as the ‘chakras’ and to develop your ability to sense subtle vibration. Exploration of the effect of using these mantras is primarily through standing poses.  Rather than attempting to use external alignment cues, we use the mantras to find a natural balance from within, which translates to alignment of our structure.


4.   Lightening up: Having fun with voice and yoga.

This class playfully explores the grooves and habits of our life and yoga practise. Exploring fluidity, curiosity, playfulness as a path to realising our true nature and experiencing our joyful presence. Great for those who take themselves too seriously or easily get enrolled in trying to do the right thing.


5.   Breathing Freedom: Yoga to open the breath and voice.

This class focuses on various aspects of breathing and how breath support impacts on the voice. This class is a great preparation or warm up for singers or anyone wanting to use their voices. We incorporate a range of body-voice warm up and vocal techniques.  We experience more freedom of being as we challenge habitual holding patterns and our breath capacity expands.



6.   Chanting our way home: Resonating with our true nature.

We explore a range of chants and sacred sounds and how they help us to experience our inner peace and radiance. Mantras resonate within us at a particular vibration and have the capacity to tune us in to particular aspects of our ‘divine nature’.  In this class we explore the subtle effects of sacred sounds and experience alignment with our ‘source’.


7.  Stronger Voices: Voicemoves yoga to strengthen and extend the voice.  This session incorporates vocal alignment practises and ‘Vocal Function Exercises’ which are an effective and efficient way to improve vocal range, strength and stamina and quality. Focus is on vocal techniques with individualised ‘trouble shooting‘ to enable participants to access more vocal clarity, power, resonance or range.


8.  Clarity & spaciousness: Voicemoves yoga for the throat chakra

In this class we explore a range of ways to release constriction it the throat area, & experience the spaciousness that results.  For many of us, when the jaw, throat and tongue (which are involved in communicating or stories and dramas) are relaxed, a freedom from identification with our conditioning also occurs.  We experience a natural expanded awareness and spaciousness of being which is the opposite to our experience of stress.  You will be guided how to reproduce these releases so you can apply them in a range of situations to break habits of contraction and come back to a more spacious state of awareness.


9.  Deep Peace : Voicemoves yoga to develop deep relaxation. 

This session focuses on taking time to nurture ourselves and deepen our inner listening. We use inner mantra and explore restorative yoga postures activating the parasympathetic nervous system.  As we still the mind, create space for and soothe emotions, we find more spaciousness of simply being. We create a deeply relaxing musical accompaniment through inner mantra and connect with the peaceful presence that is always residing within us.



10.  Self & Other: Connecting authentically with others.

This session explores what happens to our voices and our sense of ourselves when connecting with others. We explore what patterns might be preventing deeper connection, more relaxed ‘being with what is present’, and fuller expression of ourselves.  Using enquiry, partner yoga, vocal exercises and process of InterPlay we notice ‘connection habits’ & where we might ‘lose ourselves’ and practise deep self-connection as we connect with others.


11.  Freedom to Express: Separating from the inner critic.

Using our voices, ‘being heard’ may trigger the ‘inner critic’. We have all had this self-critical voice operating in us at some time. Using the processes of InterPlay and voice dialogue as self-enquiry tools, we identify and come to terms with what the critic has given us, where it has come from. We come to identify its pure energy without reacting to it, recognising its qualities or the unpleasant feelings it generates so we can step back from its ‘terrorism’. We develop awareness that releases us from the power of the inner critic that often runs unconsciously or subtly, sabotaging our free expression



Whilst there is a clear focus as stated for each session, participant’s vocal wishes can generally be incorporated into the class.  For example one participant may wish to work on increasing projection, another on achieving a warm tone. Sessions can incorporate mantra, vocal techniques, voice dialogue, InterPlay and yoga and tantric practices.







Voicemoves offers a range of workshops, classes and retreats to:

  • Re-harmonize your “Body - spirit” through yoga and voice
  • Access your most resonant voice with ease
  • Activate and balance your energy with sound

Voice, Yoga & the Elements

Explore the transformative power of the elements of earth, water, fire, air & space through vocal technique, posture, breath, meditation, yantra & mantra

  • Expand your awareness as you delve deeply into the experience of the "elements" (tattwas) through traditional yogic meditation and creative image
  • Learn the connection of the elements to various states of consciousness
  • Immerse yourself in sound, colour and subte vibration
  • Discover the link between your voice and balancing qualities of the elements
  • Refine your ability to shift your vibration internally to create a more joyful life

Voicemoves Vocal Development

  • Achieve vocal congruence with your words, connect with your audience, and find optimal vocal variety, projection and stamina
  • Achieve your optimal voice using traditional speech pathology techniques, embodied vocal practices, yoga and InterPlay
  • Identify your own vocal goals and receive individually tailored guidance to achieve the voice you want.
  • Come away with a range of exercises to expand vocal repertoire.
  • Understand how subtle imbalances can impact on voice and how to rebalance these & optimize performance in singing, speaking and life!!


Voicemoves Yoga & the Chakras

  • Learn simple & highly effective vocal techniques to achieve more warmth, presence, power and range in speaking, chanting and singing
  • Learn the effects of particular yoga asanas, pranayama, mudras, and nada (yoga of sound) practices on the chakras & on the voice
  • Learn how to balance your chakras with your voice & internal chanting
  • Learn how to use your voice to deepen your experience of yoga
  • Gain an understanding of the anatomical and energetic underpinnings of your voice (including connections to the meridians and chakras).


Voicemoves Yoga & the Meridians

  • Energize the meridians, to free the voice
  • Use  sound (Taoist Healing sounds, chanting, nada yoga) to balance the meridians
  • Explore voice production and how it is supported by the meridian flow
  • Fully embody your voice through Ki Yoga
  • Support your whole being for the seasons


Voicemoves InterPlay

  • Playfully unwind & access your creativity
  • Re-harmonize yourself thru playful movement, voice, song, story telling and stillness
  • Access your full voice with ease and power 
  • Connect with Joy and Have Fun!


Seasonal Ki – Yoga

  •  Classes, Workshops & Retreats:

    • Summer, fire element: Heart Voice Play. A joyful exploration of voice and creativity with heart connection,/p>
    • Late summer / Change of Season, earth element: Nurture and Harmonise. Opening the Throat, Connecting with your Centre
    • Autumn, metal element: Breathing In & Out with the Voice. Focusing on enlivening our “inspiration”, freeing expression and using the voice to deepen the out breath and “Let Go!”
    • Winter, water element: Sounding into Stillness. Deeply massaging and consolidating the Inner Being
    • Spring, wood element: Voicing your Vision. Finding lightness and freedom through the voice
  • Contact Carmelle for times and dates of these sessions.